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Asphalt and Concrete Restoration

Asphalt Paving and Concrete Restoration the Way to a Better World

Customers form initial impressions of a business before they enter its structure. Keeping a level parking lot and sidewalk enhances your curb appeal. WM Enterprise LLC expert team of asphalt and concrete handles part of your commercial exterior foundation needs. From concrete repair to pavement sealing, we will guarantee everything is perfect.

An asphalt pavement and concrete restoration and replacement can be expert in many ways and reasons. Among the most well-known motivations to go through a task of this nature are digging, covering utility lines, outside harm, breaking, holes, risky leakage, and soil crumbling.

We make your pavement, and your business, look good!

WM Enterprise LLC plans asphalt paving and concrete solutions for most extreme sturdiness and long haul survivability when presented with weighty traffic, unforgiving atmospheric conditions, and misuse. To determine appropriate materials and design objectives, we perform field tests and asphalt pavement specifications invasive core sampling operations to establish existing construction, stone base, and subsoil beneath the existing pavement to develop project specifications.

The initial survey and analysis of asphalt paved areas and on-grade concrete includes a valuation of existing drainage, base condition, interface with curbs, and terminations against landscaping. The imposed load weights of vehicles and the frequency of exposure of the pavement to traffic are combined into the design of the new pavement system. A lasting paving installation is maintained efficiently and assured by properly designed pavement projects that perform better than expected.

We service asphalt or concrete lots, roadways, and driveways maintained in excellent condition for customers. WM Enterprise LLC is the leading source for asphalt and concrete restoration company in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC areas for the job. Call +1 240-308-7300 today to schedule a consultation.

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